There has been a “Carmen” in every Spanish kitchen at one time or another, a grandmother, mum or aunt, hose tasty homemade dishes were made with so much love and care that they brought the whole family together.  This tradition, these memories, have been recaptured by Querida Carmen, a new idea for a gastronomic And traditional cooking made with 100% natural ingredients. The main difference is in the time it takes to cook them, while all those Cármenes from yesterday spent hours and hours in the kitchen to ensure everyone was happy, Querida Carmen allows you to cook these homemade dishes in just a few minutes.

Querida Carmen, brings a Mediterranean flavor semi-cooked haute cuisine made only from fresh ingredients that are cooked following traditional development processes. Plates of high quality, 100% natural and no preservatives or artificial colors or flavor enhancers.

Welcome to my life, Querida Carmen. We are already one more at home.


*Querida Carmen colaborates with  Fundación de síndrome de Down Aspros.