ARROZSETAS renderQuerida Carmen presents a new prescription: a simpler and home cooked meal that meets our quality philosophy. Through its 100% natural ingredients with no artificial colors or preservatives or flavor enhancers brings home a delicious rice with mushrooms, a typical Italian dish irresistible flavor that combines rice with mushrooms cream.

Ingredients: CONTENT OF THE TIN 83,10%: Vegetables and chicken stock (water, chicken 8,50%, potatoes, onion, leek, carrot, olive oil, CELERY, garlic and cabbage), wild mushrooms 10% (boletus edulis), cream (MILK AND DERIVATES), onion, butter (MILK AND DERIVATES), olive and sunflower oil and salt. CONTENT OF THE BAG 19,60%: Rice. > MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF GLUTEN, SOY, FISH, CREUSTACEAN AND MOLLUSK <

Available formats: Pack Kit (tube + canned broth + rice) and Pack Just Can (canned broth).

Quick and easy to make! Open the can and pour the contents into a casserole of 24 cm of diameter. Turn on the hob and heat at medium temperature. When it begins to smoke, add 200 g of rice. Cook at medium heat for 18′ stirring from time to time. Let it stand for 2-3′. Chop up parsley and a garlic clove adding at the end of the cooking.

despleglable arroz con setas - copia©Laura Rodellas
arroz con setas