risotto-español-inglesThe risotto is a great dish of universal gastronomy. Its origins date back to 1574 in the city of Milan and fall on the dedication and love of an artist who worked the windows of the Duomo. Another work of art that Italians say they should be mantecato (creamy), legato (grains separated but united by the cream) and all’onda (gently spread on the plate). When the rice absorbs the flavor of mushrooms and cheese and saffron added, cobra gold color and gives off aromas of landscapes between Piedmont and Lombardy, passed through casserole mamma…

Ingredients: CONTENT OF THE TIN 85%: Chicken broth and vegetables (water, 8.5% chicken, potato, onion, leek, carrot, olive oil, CELERY, garlic and cabbage), mushrooms 12% (boletus edulis), cream (MILK AND ITS DERIVATIVES), onion, butter (MILK AND ITS DERIVATIVES), olive oil and salt. CONTENTS OF THE BAG 15%: Carnaroli rice.

Available formats: Pack Kit (tube + canned broth + rice) and Pack Just Can (canned broth).

Quick and easy to make! Open the can and pour the contents into a casserole of 24 cm of diameter. Turn on the hob and heat at medium temperature. When it begins to smoke, add 200 g of rice. Cook at medium heat for 20′ stirring from time to time. Let it stand for 2-3′. Chop up parsley and a garlic clove adding at the end of the cooking.


Place setting with plate, knife and fork