arroznegro-español-inglesBorn in the Mediterranean, black rice is a very popular dish whose paternity fishermen Castellón, Alicante, Tarragona and the Costa Brava dispute. Querida Carmen takes the best of the different shades and prepare this dry rice with meat and sepia ink and squid. Both cephalopods are tender, succulent and slippery, and throwing ink to fade in the eyes of their attackers gives the rice that tone as black and somewhat mysterious. Another marine version maintains that its personal color comes from fry the onion with infinite patience. In its broth, rockfish and its sofrito and its tailspin, the secret to this recipe. Served with aioli and white wine, light the table and the company. Meanwhile, Querida Carmen you about to enjoy the here and now.

Ingredients: Stock (water, monkfish,tomatoes, crab, leaks, carrots,celery and cabbage ), bomba rice,squid (6%),onions, fried tomatoes,olive oil, green peppers, squid ink, garlic,salt, sugar and parsley.
Allergenic information: contains crustaceans, molluscs, fish and celery

Available formats: Pack Kit (tube + canned broth + rice) and Pack Just Can (canned broth).

Quick and easy to make! Open the can and pour the contents into a casserole of 24 cm of diameter. Turn on the hob and heat at medium temperature. When it begins to smoke, add 200 g of rice. Cook at medium heat for 18′ stirring from time to time. Let it stand for 2-3′. Chop up parsley and a garlic clove adding at the end of the cooking.

black rice


desplegable arroz negro